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What To Wear

There is no official dress code for jury service but when choosing what to wear for jury service, the main thing is to be comfortable. You will be sitting in a waiting room or during a court session for a long time so wearing uncomfortable clothes just to look smart is not a good idea

On my jury service attendances, my fellow jurors have worn clothing ranging from a smart suit to jeans and T-shirts. Having said that, those in suits tended to only wear them the first day

Smart, casual would seem to be a sensible middle ground. Clothing with prominent or offensive logos or marketing would probably not be a good idea

Court rooms can vary in temperature a lot, and as we all know, air-conditioning can vary significantly in its effectiveness so it’s advisable to bring a light jumper in case it gets too cold

Will Smart Clothes Excuse You From The Jury?

In some countries the defence or prosecution team can reject jurors for no reason. Depending on the trial, dressing smartly could encourage either side to reject you (e.g. because you won’t identify with the defendant)

However the reverse is also true. For example in a complex fraud case, better dressed jurors may be preferred

In the England this is no longer an option as jurors cannot be rejected in this way

Jury Service Dress Code

As has mentioned above in England there is no formal dress code for jury service jurors. This may vary in different countries but you could always check with the court you will be attending

Being Chosen As Foreman

It is possible that smart clothing could influence the decision of who is going to be foreman of the jury so if you don’t want to be elected as foreman by your other jurors, it may be an idea to dress down a little

3 Responses to What To Wear

  1. Dave says:

    Is it allowed to wear jeans to jury service?

    • admin says:

      There should be no problem wearing jeans, at least in the UK – you may like to check with the jury summoning service if you are in another country. Personally I’d make sure they were reasonably smart though, no cut-offs, ripped knees etc.

  2. richard down says:

    will wear smart casual.thanks Rick

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