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Information, advice and tips regarding your jury service

Jury Service Expenses and Allowances

You can claim certain expenses while attending jury service although you may still end out of pocket.

This information is correct for jury service expenses in England (Nov 15th 2013) although similar principles will probably apply in other countries for allowances and expenses

You will need to keep receipts for bus tickets. parking (where allowed by the court) etc. Larger courts have canteen facilities for jurors and operate a card payment system.

You will be given a claim form when you arrive for jury service, which you can fill in after your jury service. The court can make special arrangements for interim payments during longer trials

Allowances For Loss Of Earning During Jury Service

You can claim for loss of earnings during jury service in the UK but it is unlikely to cover your true lost income

  • First 10 days – 4 hours or under     £32.47
  • First 10 days – Over 4 hours     £64.95
  • Day 11 to day 200 – 4 hours or under     £64.95
  • Day 11 to day 200 – Over 4 hours     £129.91
  • After day 201 – 4 hours or under     £114.03
  • After day 201 – Over 4 hours     £228.06

This seems to very unfair to the self employed as many companies, especially larger businesses, will continue to pay their employees during their jury service. The self-employed could end up very out-of-pocket due to their attendance for jury duty

Food, Drink and Accommodation Jury Service Expenses

  • Per Day – Up to and including the first 10 hours – £5.71
  • Per Day – Over 10 hours – £12.17
  • Overnight Accommodation – This is unusual nowadays but if necessary, the court should arrange this

Travel Expenses For Jury Service

Jury Service travel expenses and allowances can be claimed as below:

  • Bus or underground – Cost of the ticket
  • Train – Cost of the ticket (2nd class return fare)
  • Bicycle – 9.6p per mile
  • Motorcycle – 31.4p per mile
  • Car – 31.4p per mile – ask the court for permission if you need to pay for parking
  • Car – For one other juror as a passenger     4.2p per mile
  • Car – For each additional passenger     3.2p per mile
  • Taxi – The fare – ask the court for permission before using a taxi

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  1. jo ellard says:

    Do you have to keep train tickets to reclaim the cost or can I use my oyster n

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