Jury Service

Information, advice and tips regarding your jury service

Time Off Work

The company you work for must give you ‘leave’ or time off work to attend jury service, however if your absence will seriously impact the business they can ask you to defer your jury service until a later date. In certain circumstances it may even be possible to be excused from jury service altogether (e.g. for very small companies)

Loss Of Earnings

Jury service can potentially have a large impact on jurors financial situation. Your employer doesn’t have to pay your wages during your during service and although you can claim back ‘loss of earnings’ from the court, the amount claimable is very low and unlikely to make up the shortfall. For example the claim amounts are as follows (England 2013):

First 10 days 4 hours or under £32.47
First 10 days Over 4 hours £64.95
Day 11 to day 200 4 hours or under £64.95
Day 11 to day 200 Over 4 hours £129.91
After day 201 4 hours or under £114.03
After day 201 Over 4 hours £228.06

You need to get proof of loss of earnings from your employer and submit these to the court to claim any loss of earnings

Employment Problems

An employment tribunal may be able to help if your employer refuses to release you for jury service

Also, you may be able to claim unfair dismissal if your employer sacks you because of your jury service attendance. You may not be able to claim this if you have refused a request from your employer to defer your jury service date

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