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The Summons

Jurors are typically selected randomly from the electoral roll and the first they hear of their selection is when a ‘Summons’ pops through their letterbox.

This is a letter from the Jury Summoning Service that gives details of which court the juror should attend, the start date etc. There will also be information about deferring jury service in case of a pre-booked holiday or other unavoidable appointment.

The first thing many people think of when receiving a summons for jury service is ‘How do I get out of this’, in fact jury service is, if nothing else, an interesting experience and will offer an insight into a side of life that many never experience.

2 Responses to The Summons

  1. George Payne says:

    I have been called for jury service, & have no problem with this, except within less than 5 weeks from the ‘due date’ I shall have my 71st. birthday. Will this affect my eligibility to serve?

    • Jury Service says:

      Hi – we can’t comment on individual cases (and please note this is a general info site on jury service, not specific to any country or judicial system). You will need to contact the court that has summonsed you. Contact details should probably have been on the letter you received

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