Jury Service

Information, advice and tips regarding your jury service

About Jury Service

Jury Service (or Jury Duty) is where people are called up by a court for a ‘Trial By Jury’ to hear evidence regarding a crime and deliver a verdict.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of trial by jury, it is the cornerstone of the justice system in many countries. In some countries the members of the jury (known as ‘jurors’ or ‘jurymen’) may also set a penalty

Typically a jury consists of 12 people although this does vary in some countries. For example in England a jury has 12 members while a Scottish jury has 15

A Summary Of Jury Service

An overview of what happens (this is for jury service in England but will be similar in other countries)

  • Randomly selected (from the electoral roll) potential jurors receive a summons for jury service
  • If they have a pre-booked appointment or other valid reason they can ask to delay (or defer) their jury service
  • In certain, limited, circumstances the jurors can ask to be excused from jury service
  • The jurors attend court for the first time on the specified date
  • The jurors get an introductory presentation and DVD
  • 15-16 jurors get randomly assigned to a trial
  • A random 12 of these will get selected to be the jury for that trial
  • The jurors get “sworn in” to make their decision impartially and with regard to the evidence
  • At the end of the trial they then deliver a verdict of ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ (or in Scotland, ‘Not Proven’)

4 Responses to About Jury Service

  1. Crystal Younan says:

    I, AAA BBB, am writing on my mother’s, CCC DDD, behalf. ID number: xxxxxxxxx. We have received a post card for jury duty for January 05, 2015. We recently sent a letter to be excused because my mother takes me to school at 8:00 AM and picks me up at 1:30. She also takes care of my grandmother five days a week. We called the santa ana office and spoke to Sandie and she was very helpful and told us to call the Manchester office. They were very rude and unhelpful. We go ahold of Sandie again and she recommended to e-mail you guys, just incase you didn’t get the letter. If there’s any questions you can please call my father, YYY YYY , at (xxxxxxxxxx). Thank you very much

    • Blurpo says:

      Hi – this site is just a general info resource re. jury service. I would suggest contacting the jury office that issued the jury summons

  2. Behnaz Greenup says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a full time teacher and full time student. In addition, I am sick with the a flue today on Wednesday 12/17/2014. I also have to work tomorrow because I have to take my students to a field trip to San Diego for the day on a train ride which will take the whole day. At the same time I am supposed to report at the Harbor Justice Center by 12 noon tomorrow and I would like to ask to postpone this date, Dec 18th to a later date during holidays when the school is closed. I really appreciate your understanding in this regard and would be more than glad to be scheduled during the Christmas brake when I am not required to work as a teacher. Sincerely, XXXXXX Juror Badge ID #: YYYYYY

    • Jury Service says:

      Hi – we can’t comment on individual cases (and please note this is a general info site on jury service, not specific to any country or judicial system). You will need to contact the court that has summonsed you. Contact details should probably have been on the letter you received

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